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To provide guidance on how Facilities Operations will implement Office of State Human Resources (OSHR) and UNCG policies and guidelines for obtaining and maintaining timekeeping records.


The following procedure will be followed by all Facilities Operations employees who are subject to overtime. All temporary employees, whether employed by the university or a temporary agency, shall

All employees who are eligible for overtime (i.e. SPA non-exempt) are required to punch a time clock including all temporary employees, both those employed by the university and those employed by a temporary agency.

Employees shall only punch their own timecard and must do so using the time clock Touch ID system for identification purposes. Punching someone else’s timecard is strictly prohibited.

It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure their timecard is punched when they come to work and when they leave work. Employees are required to verify that their punch was accepted each time they clock in or out. Time clock issues that prevent employees from clocking in or out shall be immediately reported by the employee to their supervision.

Employees who fail to punch their timecard for any reason will be required to submit the correct time, date, and note missed punch on a leave request form to their supervisor. The supervisor shall investigate the cause of the missed punch and take appropriate action to prevent recurrence.

Employees shall punch in up to 15 minutes before the stated beginning of their scheduled shift. This window rounds to the scheduled start time of the employee’s regular shift so employees shall not physically begin work until the beginning of their shift.

Employees who are asked by their supervisor to come in at any hour other than their regular scheduled shift (ex., an hour early) shall punch in up to seven (7) minutes before the time they were asked to come in to work.

Employees must punch in by the stated beginning of their shift. Employees with an unapproved absence due to clocking in after the start of their scheduled shift may be charged either vacation leave, compensatory leave, or leave without pay for the time shortfall indicated by the timekeeping system. Supervisors should charge leave without pay where excessive tardiness or absenteeism occurs.

Employees are not permitted to punch out prior to the end of their stated shift without supervisory approval.

Employees shall punch out within 7 minutes after the end of their assigned shift unless otherwise directed by supervision.

Employees who need to leave campus for personal business during normal working hours must request prior supervisory approval for leave and are required to clock in and out when leaving and upon their return to work. This does not include uncompensated meal breaks. Employees are not required to punch out for routine meal breaks even if they leave campus but are expected to adhere to the time allotted for the meal break.

Punching in more than 15 minutes before regular scheduled shift, more than seven (7) minutes before any requested time other than their regular scheduled shift or seven (7) minutes after the stated end of a shift will result in paid time. All time worked outside employee’s regular shift, including all overtime except emergency callback requires supervisor approval prior to time being worked. Employees are prohibited from working before or after their assigned shift without prior supervisory approval.


Leave Request forms are required for hours not worked during assigned shift unless for an unapproved absence or unplanned leave. Leave request forms are located on the W: drive or are available from your supervisor or your timekeeper. Leave Request forms must be submitted and approved in advance of any planned leave.

Kronos Time Detail reports are emailed every Monday to each Supervisor for their direct reports. Supervisors are responsible for verifying time worked and leave taken. In the absence of the direct supervisor, the next supervisor up the chain of command shall be responsible for approval and submittal of Time Detail reports.

Supervisors are responsible for signing Time Detail reports to indicate their approval and submitting to their payroll clerk by Tuesday at 5:00pm of the week following the date in which the leave was taken or the overtime was worked.

Overtime will normally be accrued as compensatory time unless the supervisor approves paid overtime. Compensatory time must be used before using vacation or bonus leave and is not cumulative beyond a twelve-month period. Compensatory time that is not taken within 12 months will be paid in the next paycheck. Prior supervisory approval is required for all overtime except emergency callbacks.

Supervisors are responsible for notifying payroll staff immediately of any of the following conditions:

  • When an employee goes into leave without pay (LWOP) status

    When an employee returns to work from an LWOP status

    Anytime an employee is injured

    When an employee is expected to be out more than seven (7) calendar days due to a work-related injury.

    When an employee returns to work after a Worker’s Compensation status

    Upon notice of an employee termination, resignation or retirement

    At least one business day prior to the date in which a temporary employee is hired

  • Work outside of regular working hours that is scheduled in advance and approved by supervision is not considered an emergency callback. Employees will be compensated for the time actually worked. Employees who report to campus for scheduled work shall clock in and out. Scheduled work must be recorded on the Overtime, On-Call, and Emergency Callback form and submitted to Payroll staff by 5:00 pm Tuesday following the week worked.

    An Overtime, On-Call, and Emergency Callback form is required for all hours worked outside of regular shift hours for each pay week with the following exceptions:

    .25 hour or less overtime for the pay week

    .25 hour each day for scheduled shift turnover in the Steam Plant

    .50 hour each day for Zone on-call staff person between 4:30pm and 5:00pm Monday – Friday

    Permanent changes in shift schedules must be based on the business need of the university, approved by the Director of Facilities Operations, and documented on an updated position description sent to Human Resources prior to implementing the schedule change.

    Flexible work schedules, if granted, must be in accordance with the UNCG Flexible Work Schedules Policy. Proposed flexible work schedules for employees under their supervision must be approved by the Director of Facilities Operations or the manager over the following respective areas: Facility Services, Grounds, Buildings and Trades, and Utility Operations.

    Supervisors shall notify Facilities Operations payroll staff at least one week in advance prior to any permanent or flexible shift schedule changes so that the change can be made in the timekeeping system.

    All manual Kronos entries shall be checked by another Facilities Operations payroll staff person to verify accuracy.

    Facilities Operations payroll staff are expected to be familiar with and process timekeeping in accordance with applicable department, university, state, and federal statutes, policies, standard operating practices, and guidelines.


    Employees who are required to work on a holiday will earn in addition to their regular pay:

    Holiday premium pay equal to one-half of their regular straight-time hourly rate for hours worked, and

    Compensatory time off for hours worked, not to exceed 8 hours. Any additional hours worked over 8, will be paid at regular time, unless hours for the week total more than 40.


    Employees who are regularly scheduled to work either an evening or night shift are eligible for additional compensation.

    Employees who work a minimum of four (4) regularly scheduled hours within the established shift premium work zone (3:00 pm – 7:00 am) will be compensated for shift premium for all hours worked.

    Shift premium is not paid for meal periods or leave hours.

    Shift premium is not paid to employees whose regular work hours are not between 3:00 pm – 7:00 am, even if they cover the work hours for a shift employee between the hours of 3:00 pm – 7:00 am.

    Shift premium is pro-rated for part-time employees.

    Shift premium pay rates are determined by the Office of State Human Resources. The current rate is 10% of the employee’s regular hourly rate.


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