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Surplus Pickup Request

Please use the Surplus Pickup Request Form to submit a pickup request. All pickup requests must be submitted using this form.

Please Note:
The department is responsible for hiring movers to move any items to the Surplus Warehouse that cannot be moved by one person or any large items that will not fit on an elevator and need to be carried down stairs. This includes copiers, large conference tables, large credenzas, cubicle panels or large stand alone printers, etc.

The UNCG Warehouse Services staff would be happy to take it off your hands, but you need to follow these guidelines:

  1. Make sure that your item is not considered a fixed asset. Visit the Financial Services web site for documentation on Fixed Assets policies and procedures. If you’re unsure whether your item is a fixed asset, follow these instructions to access a list of all your departmental fixed assets or call the Fixed Assets office.
  2. If you want to transfer an item to another department and it is not a fixed asset (value less than $5,000 and not ‘tagged’), you are not required to complete a form.
  3. File cabinets, binders, file boxes, etc. must be emptied of all paper and the department must shred all documents with potentially sensitive information (social security numbers, student addresses, etc.) as required by the department and/or the University.
  4. Chemicals, liquids, gels, bio-hazardous, and volatile materials cannot be submitted and must be disposed of properly.
  5. All items, including broken and e-Waste items, will be accepted. Construction scraps, debris, and other unusable items will not be accepted.
  6. Only the items submitted via this form will be picked up. If additional items are discovered at a later time, another form must be submitted. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  7. Computers and electronics to be picked up need to be placed in a secure location, not left in hallways. Once picked up, the Hard Drive will be removed and crushed.

Helpful Hints:

  1. This worksheet can assist you in counting your items to be surplused (Note: this form is only to assist you in counting your items and may not be used in place of the UNCG Surplus Pickup Request Form for submission). Simply print the worksheet and fill out the paper form while you are counting your items.When you are finished use the link below to access the UNCG Surplus submission form. You can then easily copy your items from the paper form to the matching categories online.
  2. If you have several small items that fall into the same category (Ex. A box of pencils, half a box of staples, some rubber bands), you may place them in a box and submit it as a single item quantity (in this case, you would be submitting 1 Qty. of “Other Office Supplies”). This will save you time when you are counting your items. If you don’t see your item(s) on the list do your best to classify its type/category. Use the “Other” option within the categories and the note field at the bottom of the form to provide any additional details.
  3. Do your best to determine if an electronic item being submitted is in working condition. This aids in the pricing of the item as well as the recirculation of the item back to UNCG and to other state organizations. Be sure to mark items that are not working appropriately so that the Warehouse can submit them to e-Waste.
  4. When submitting furniture use your best judgment to determine condition. “Good condition” should apply to items that are in working condition- desks with all of their hardware, file cabinets with keys, and in general, furniture that is structurally sound. “Poor condition” should include items with minor physical defects, missing keys, and/or minor missing hardware, but are in otherwise working condition. Items with major physical defects, items that have been used for parts, and items that are unusable (Ex. chairs with missing wheels, desks missing legs, etc) should be taken to Surplus for their determination of proper disposal.