Facilities Operations

A Department in Facilities

Buildings and Trades

As the supervisor of the Carpentry, Painting, and Roofing divisions of Facilities Operations, I would like to offer a brief description of our responsibilities. In essence, we perform all of the carpentry, painting, and roofing duties associated with the repair and maintenance of University facilities and equipment. We repair and hang doors, apply drywall, repair furniture, and perform a myriad of carpentry related maintenance task

In addition to our regular services, we offer excellent furniture restoration services. Let us restore that old desk, table, or lamp. Recycle a potential antique rather than fill the landfill with a useful object!

We are all professionals who build, paint, and repair on a daily basis. We take pride in our skills and offer them to our clients in a courteous manner; constantly striving to insure customer satisfaction.

Paul Dow
Carpentry & Paint Supervisor

To report elevator problems* such as lights out, erratic door operation, and vandalism during business hours call Facilities Operations at (336) 334-5684. Outside normal operating hours please contact the University Police Department non-emergency line at (336) 334-5963.

*Entrapment is an emergency and should be reported to the UNCG police department on the emergency line at (336) 334-4444. A person trapped in an elevator should use the phone in the elevator to be connected to University Police for emergency assistance.

The Lock Shop’s main purpose is to add physical security to all facilities for all faculty, staff and students on campus. The lock shop provides a variety of services.

Services Provided

  • Card Readers and Card Access
  • Provide Keys for appropriate individuals
  • Rekeying of offices, classrooms, and dorms
  • Maintaining all key records
  • Repair work to doors and door closures
  • Repair work to thresholds
  • Maintenance of exit alarms
  • Specifying hardware for new constructions
  • Repair to hardware
  • Installing and programming Intellikeys

The primary purpose of the Sign Shop is to create signs for the University. These signs give direction and identify people and locations. Types of signage include door signs, name plates and desk plates. The sign shop also provides temporary signage for events and renovations. Below are examples of signs that the Sign Shop can make for you or your department.

Type II Sign

Type II signs are 2 1/2″ high and 8″ wide. They have only a room number (relief cut) with A.D.A. braille on the right of sign.

Type V Sign

Type V signs are the university standard for most office applications. The dimensions are 6″ high and 8″ wide. When fastened to a wall, door, or cubicle the Type V sign provides a distinct location for employee identification and their position title. The Type V sign has the room number “cut” in relief on the left side and A.D.A. braille to the right side for visually handicapped persons.

Type V Insert

“Inserts”, as they are commonly referred to, allow departmental and individual designation, and/or position title. Size allows for a maximum of three lines of text and a max of seventeen (17) characters per line.

Name plates are available with black or gold stand, add an additional 10$ or 15$ respectively if purchasing a stand as well.

The dimensions are 4.5″ high and 12″ wide.

The dimensions are 4″ high and 5″ wide.

Departmental Sign

The dimensions are 13″ high and 19″ wide.

The Zone Maintenance department of Facilities Operations consists of a team of professionals dedicated to maintaining and improving the buildings for the students, faculty, and staff. The primary goal of the Zone Shop is to provide you with a quick response to your request by repairing your problem, getting in touch with the right trade for the job or answering questions you might have about the status of a job or how to request a service provided by Facilities Operations. The campus is divided into twelve zones with a zone mechanic stationed in each building. West Zone Supervisor and East Zone Supervisor are the Zone Maintenance Supervisors for each area.

  • Changing burned out lights
  • Replacing ballast, switches, and receptacles
  • Replacing broken or missing light covers
  • Repair and/or relamp Exit signs
  • Repair Emergency lights
  • Reset electrical circuits
  • Repair campus clocks
  • Repair leaking faucets and sinks
  • Repair/Unstop toilets, urinals and sinks
  • Repair water coolers (minor)
  • Replace stained or missing ceiling tiles
  • Replace missing baseboards
  • Replace floor tiles
  • Hanging bulletin boards, pictures and plaques
  • Re-attach stair railings
  • Hanging blinds
  • Assist with HVAC calls and calibration of thermostats

East Zone

(336) 256-1081
Academic and Administrative Buildings

  • New Science Building
  • Eberhart
  • Petty Science
  • Stone
  • Music Building
  • North Drive Child Care
  • McIver Parking Deck
  • 117 McIver St.
  • 119 McIver St.
  • 127 McIver St.
  • 320 McIver St.
  • Moore Nursing
  • UNCG Auditorium
  • Taylor
  • Brown and Brown Annex
  • Carmichael
  • Police Station
  • Forney
  • Foust
  • Studio Arts
  • Graham
  • Cone Art
  • 525 Tate St.
  • 536 Highland Ave.
  • Sink
  • Grounds/Garage
  • Steam Plant
  • McNutt
  • Curry
  • Ferguson
  • Campus Supply Chemical Storage
  • HHR (Humanities)
  • Oakland Parking Deck
  • Financial Aid
  • 1409 Lee St.
  • Bryan
  • Mossman
  • Visitor Center
  • New Education Building
  • Walker Parking Deck
  • Elliott University Center (EUC)
  • Alumni House
  • Faculty Center
  • 500 Forest St.
  • Jackson Library
  • 915 Northridge St.
  • 2900 Oakland Ave.
  • Gray Home
  • Gove Health
  • Odell Warehouse
  • 1605 Spring Garden St.
  • EUC/Jackson Connector

West Zone

(336) 334-3290
This Zone does all of the items listed above in addition to maintenance of mechanical equipment and pool maintenance.

  • HHP
  • Soccer Stadium
  • Soccer Maintenance Building
  • Softball Stadium
  • Recreation/Pavillion
  • Recreational Field Support
  • Baseball Stadium
  • Kaplan Wellness Center
  • Press Box