Work Information Center

The primary mission of the Work Information Center (WIC) is to provide information and support to the faculty and staff of the University concerning facility maintenance, repair, and renovations. The Work Information Center relays problems to trades in a fast and efficient manner. Work Information also assigns trades for work done outside the daily repairs and maintenance.

All Work Requests (Urgent, Emergency or Routine)

Regular Work Hours: Call Work Information Center at 334-3456
After Hours/Weekends: Call Campus Police at 334-4444

Other Work Request Methods (Non-Urgent Only)

Submit online via TMA
Submit e-mail to workrequest@uncg.edu

The Work Information Center generates different types of work orders. Below is a list of the four typical work orders processed:

  • Correctives - Work done as part of daily operations of campus.
  • Preventive Maintenance - Weekly work orders to help with the upkeep of campus and machinery.
  • Special Billings - Billable work orders that are under $1000 and usually only involves one trade. Examples of this include, after hours housekeeping, construction of shelves, and assistance with activities on the weekends or evenings. This work requires a BanFin-59 form in order to be done for billing purposes.
  • Projects - This is major work involving a larger scope than that of a Special Billing. Projects often involve more than one trade and sometimes outside contractors. A project would be subject to a project management fee if it requires more work than we can accommodate with our in-house Facilities Operations maintenance staff. Click here for more details regarding the project management fee

Work orders are generated two times a day; at 10:30am and again at 4:30pm. All emergency work orders called in between these times are dispatched to the appropriate trade immediately.

Work Information forwards project estimate requests to the Facilities Operations Project Managers or the appropriate trades supervisor. All estimates are now submitted online through TMA. Please specify that the department is requesting an estimate in the description to avoid requests from being rejected. Once estimate is given, then a BanFin-59 would need to be submitted to Facilities Operations to fund work performed.

Work Information forwards all work orders, after completion, to Facilities Operations accounts manager for billing purposes.

Work Information is also responsible for calling in all elevator and pest control problems.